I have dropped the domain historiesmysteriesandstrangeness.com and reverted back to the original domain of histmyst.blogspot.com. However, you will also be able to reach the site via historiesmysteriesandstrangeness.guvna.net or just simply hms.guvna.net.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

What I've been doing and a new (old) domain name

I noticed today the last time I posted on this blog was back in 2015.  When I made that last post, I wasn't sure when the next time I would post something would be.  At that point in time, my job had become increasingly busy and I just wasn't feeling as inspired as I used to be about the topics I've written about on here.  But it seems this blog has been on, and will continue to be on, an indefinite hiatus.

Basically, not much has changed in that respect since then.  Except I got a promotion at work last year, and work has probably been even busier since then.  So I really just don't have the time or energy to write new posts on this blog anymore.  I wish I did, because I liked writing posts on here, and just the other day I had some new thoughts about UFOs and aliens that I probably could have turned into a post for this blog, but honestly, I just don't feel like it.  I barely even feel like taking the time to write this post!

That isn't to say I haven't been blogging at all the past couple of years.  I've still been posting on some Tumblr blogs I have, a couple of which I still post on regularly.  The reason I've maintained them and not this one boils down to the fact that, quite frankly, they require little time and effort and are just easier to maintain.  Also, the fact that they have large followings, much larger than this blog, has given me more incentive to maintain them.

So what are those blogs?  I'm a big Star Wars fan, and one of them is WebofStarWars.tumblr.com.  I've written a few posts on there, but mostly I just post pictures, videos, and news I find.  The other blog is WebofGoodNews.com.  As the name suggests, I post links to Positive new stories and other interesting stuff.  I actually started that blog as a Blogger blog like this one (which is why it has it's own domain name), but it didn't get much interest.  I decided later to try it as a Tumblr, and it got a lot of interest thanks to the fact that Tumblr is a much more a social platform that Blogger is.

I have a few others I maintain, but I don't post to them as regularly.  If you like this history aspect of this blog, then you might like my webofhistory.tumblr.com.  I post vintage pictures I find on there.  Some are of historic events, some are just old photos I found interesting.

So as for the new domain name for this blog, I'm just going to be reverting the domain back to the original histmyst.blogspot.com domain I used when I first started the blog.  I decided to drop the historiesmysteriesandstrangeness.com domain for a couple of reasons.  One, it's a really long address!  Two, I'm working towards early retirement now (or at least early semi-retirement), and I decided to look for expenses I could cut out.  I decided to cut out domains that I hadn't been maintaining for a while.  Being that I hadn't posted on here since 2015, I decided I would cut this one.  I'm also dropping my weboffunny.com domain.  The web already has a lot of humor blogs posting content found on the Internet, so I decided not to spend time maintaining another one.  A lot of my Tumblr blogs have a custom subdomain of webofepic.com (like my webofhistory Tumblr can also be reached at history.webofepic.com).  Well, I've decided I'm going to drop that domain too, and replace it with Guvna.net.  Guvna is a nickname I've had for a while now, so I figured I would make a domain out of it and use it for my various tumblrs.

I've also made sub domains for this blog using my new Guvna.net domain.  So in addition to histmyst.blogspot.com, you'll also be able to reach this blog at historiesmysteriesandstrangeness.guvna.net or, to make it easier, just hms.guvna.net.

I'm not sure when I will post on this blog again.  Being that I'm working towards early retimement now, maybe once I'm retired I'll pick it back up again!  But it'll still be a while before that happens, so for now, I guess this blog will just stay here as an archive of some of my past thoughts.

Thanks for stopping by!

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